BTS V Sweeps Survey Rankings On China’s Weibo

And V does it again!

BTS V has swept the survey rankings on China’s Weibo and has proved that his popularity in China has achieved a milestone.


In fact, China has traditionally shown favor for actors or entertainers, and are known for their loyalty towards existing stars. Therefore, BTS’ presence was not as prominent in China as in the North American regions.

Despite this trend, however, BTS’ V has secured a spot on the top of numerous Weibo surveys and proved that BTS’ popularity is definitely on the rise. V ranked No.1 on the “idols that make you want to save their photo even if you’re not a fan” survey at 50.8% (9,829 votes).

He also ranked No.1 on the “stars who look the best in bandanas” survey held by Mnet at 43.3% (15,519 votes). In fact, V’s sense of fashion including bandanas was recognized not only on Weibo, but on other Western websites such as Elite Daily and Allure as well.

V also ranked No.1 on the “idol bodies that you want to resemble the most” survey at 36.1% (7,557 votes) and No.1 on the “idol who best suits pink hair” survey at 67.4% (1,575 votes).


With views of 31.5 billion views, 750,000 posts and 520,000 followers, V’s Weibo fan account has the highest figure among the BTS members. Moreover, he ranked No.19 on Weibo’s weekly celebrity trends ranking for the last week of December 2018 without even an official Weibo account. This was the first time a BTS member ranked within the Top 20.

Congratulations to V on this major achievement!

Source: Segye Ilbo