BTS’s V Comments On How Hard His Work Can Be—And Why It’s All Worth It

It’s not easy to be so famous.

As one of the biggest singers around the world, it’s really no surprise that BTS has a jam-packed schedule. They’re busy singing and dancing, attending interviews, writing music, signing commercial deals in various countries, and much much more.

BTS in BBC Radio 1

What do the members think about their grueling schedule? V revealed his thoughts in an interview posted on Weverse Magazine. He acknowledged both the fun and tough sides of his job.

It’s fun. It’s fun, but I could also say it’s hard.

— V


One of the best parts about being a K-Pop idol is performing, with V sharing that he thinks it is “fun.” Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the group was able to perform numerous times online.

V in “Bang Bang Con: The Live”

Besides singing and dancing, V acknowledged the other parts of his job that require his attention. They may be difficult to keep track of, but he knew they were worth doing for the sake of his fans.

I think idols should shine in a way that’s suitable for their age, and it’s important to do lots of things for fans like ARMY. Not just performances, but also posting pictures, having conversations on social media, making content.

— V

V and RM in a live broadcast 

BTS is among the most successful singers in history and yet their humility remains. V stated that although they have a full schedule, every single chance to interact with their fans is significant.

We’re artists and idols, so we think each and every one of those things is important. That sentiment won’t change just because we’ve achieved so much success.

— V

Source: Weverse Magazine