BTS’s V Reveals His Weakness In Singing And What Motivated Him To Improve

“I’ve been working a long time to make up for my weak points.”

BTSs V has indisputably great vocals, but he still recognizes the areas he can improve on.


In an interview with Weverse Magazine, V was complimented for his signature vocals in the group’s song “Butter.” It didn’t have the deep notes that he’s known for, and he revealed that it’s because he matches his singing style to the concept.

That’s because, when we’re given a concept, we have to come up with vocals that fit with the concept. I think my singing style matched up with the concept, so I feel relatively satisfied. There was nothing majorly difficult about actually changing the style itself, since unlike changing your voice, you only have to change your vocal technique.

— V

He expressed pride in hitting the high notes in “Butter.”

Having said that, even though the notes in “Butter” were high for me, I still hit them! (laughs)

— V

Weverse Magazine then asked him if singing the high notes was his responsibility in their latest comeback.

In response, he shared that he believes high notes are his weakness. After struggling while recording “Dynamite,” however, he practiced a lot and greatly improved.

I’ve been working a long time to make up for my weak points. For example, I thought I was weak when it comes to high notes because I sing low parts a lot and I tend to sing in a flowing way. But I had trouble when we were recording “Dynamite” and I had to sing the high notes during the chorus. I got so mad (laughs) so I practiced a lot.

— V

Even after improving so much, he still hasn’t allowed himself to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. He instead continues to practice.

I’m just trying not to rest on my laurels. Like instead of savoring the feeling, I feel like I should go to bed early for everything I have to do the next day? Getting back in tiptop shape quickly is what’s important, so I haven’t really had time to bask in the joy very much. I’m just working hard at the work I had like I always do.

— V

Source: Weverse Magazine


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