BTS V’s “Winter Bear” Comes With A Personal, Hidden Message

V’s inner artist is at the heart of this song.

“Winter Bear”, has V written all over it. Literally.


On August 9, BTS‘s V released “Winter Bear”, a soulful English-language track with a self-directed music video. In the MV, V takes in the beauty of the world around him and sings soulfully to listeners.


Through “Winter Bear”, V speaks his heart as Vante, the photographer/artist, more so than V the K-Pop singer.


In fact, fans have discovered a hidden message from Vante in both the MV and the song’s album art. “Vante” is written inside the title…


…but that’s not Vante’s only fingerprint on Winter Bear.


Both “Winter Bear” and “Scenery” feature shutter sounds that immediately remind fans of V’s photography.


Another possible hidden message could be “Tan”, a shoutout to V’s dog, Yeontan.


Yeontan makes a cameo in the MV and he kind of looks like a “winter bear”!


If you haven’t heard it yet, check out “Winter Bear” here: