Yeontan Made A Liar Out Of BTS’s V On National Television

V’s dog follows his own rules.

If there’s one thing pet owners can all agree on, it’s that fur-children are on their best behavior…until they go out in public!

Recently, BTS‘s and his Pomeranian, Yeontan, were featured on KBS‘s show Entertainment News Weekly. Usually, idols are the ones in the spotlight, but for this episode their pets took center stage.

V, one of 10 featured celebrity pet parents, spoke lovingly about his pooch. In one clip, V said Yeontan is a quiet dog who doesn’t bark much.

Immediately, Yeontan started yapping! “Never mind,” V said. “I’ll retract my statement.” 

V wasn’t the only one who got exposed because of Yeontan. ARMYs were also outed for their “how to be Yeontan” Google searches!