BTS Suga’s Dark Truth About Pokémon Will Ruin Your Childhood

Click at your own risk! You’ve been warned.

Suga doesn’t shy away from spitting facts, even when those facts are nightmare fodder!

Suga | FILA/Facebook

On March 19, six of BTS‘s seven members hosted a surprise live broadcast. In it, they chatted about everything under the sun, including new music, Jungkook‘s wardrobe malfunctions, police stations, and Pokémon.

Lately, “Pokémon Bread” has been all the rage, thanks to stars like RM who adore it. These tasty snacks include must-have collectible stickers.

SPC Samlip 

During the broadcast, BTS reminisced about their favorite Pokémon and showed their stickers to ARMY. What began as a nostalgic trip down memory lane took an extremely dark turn, thanks to Suga’s “hidden fact” about the Pokémon world.

Left to right: RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and V.

“There are no animals,” he said. “They eat Pokémon meat.” Excuse me, what?

“You are breaking my childhood innocence,” RM said, cracking J-Hope up. “I knew about it. But you made me feel worse.” 

“I’m no longer innocent,” Jimin added. “The world is not innocent,” RM replied, jaded.

RM and Jimin were perfectly happy not knowing the truth. Suga, on the other hand, wanted to dive deeper into it!

Unfortunately, he isn’t wrong about the Pokémon world’s seedy underbelly. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a megamart sells Pokémon dishes, including Slowpoke Tail Quiche and Peppered Slowpoke Tail on Salad. And let’s not forget this disturbing food fantasy!

Ash and Brock fantasizing about dining on Magikarp | Pokémon

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