BTS’s V Spills On The Song He Picked For His BigHit Entertainment Audition — ARMYs Want The OG Video

It was a truly unexpected choice!

BTS V‘s confession about his audition song at BigHit Entertainment has fans wanting to see the video.


Since debuting, BTS’s V has showcased his diversity, and it wasn’t surprising that the idol aced his audition.



Of course, the story of V joining the company is truly legendary.

V shared that he tagged along with his friend to a BigHit audition in the past, but V had no intentions of auditioning himself and only went to support his friend. However, someone from the agency asked V if he wanted to audition on the spot, and V did.

Ahead of his solo debut, ARMYs are anticipating the idol’s appearance on the iconic show You Quiz On The Block. Ahead of the show being aired, photos and clips have teased what fans can expect from V.

With the episode set to air in the evening on September 6, the YouTube account shared one final teaser, where they chatted to V about his audition process, including his saxophone skills!

At one point, host Yoo Jae Suk asked V what song he sang, and it was assumed that it meant at the audition as the whole video focused on it.

BTS’s V surprised fans as he revealed that he actually sang the song “Don’t Cheat” by the girl group Miss S.

Miss S debuted in 2008 with the track, but even now, many might not have even heard of the group, never mind the song, so it shows that V wanted to be different.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the song choice and loved that V had chosen a girl group song and not one that was probably common at the time.

Hopefully, either HYBE releases footage of the audition or V can recreate it because it truly sounds iconic.

Source: 유 퀴즈 온 더 튜브/YouTube