BTS V’s Fanclub Purchases Hundreds Of Thousands Of “Map Of The Soul: 7” Albums, Breaks Record

It’s a clear record-breaker.

Chinese ARMYs are proving their dedication once again!

The fanclub of BTS‘s V broke the record of purchases made for an idol group.

China Baidu V Bar reportedly bought 220,000 Map Of The Soul: 7 albums, their total sales being 5.165 billion KRW (around $4 million USD).

The fanclub released a poster signifying this significant achievement.

K-Pop fans consider it a great achievement for Korean albums to exceed the 100,000 sales mark, thus making it noteworthy to have a single fanclub buy 220,000 albums.

China Baidu V Bar beat their own previous record of 171,000 albums bought.

Map Of The Soul: 7 sold over 4 million copies in pre-orders alone.

Source: Twitter