Netizen Shares Heartwarming Story Of BTS V’s Friendship With Park Bo Gum While The Actor Was In The Navy

The duo will reunite by attending the CELINE Paris fashion show together!

Korean media recently announced that BTS‘s V and Park Bo Gum would be jetting off to Paris, France, to attend the CELINE S/S 2023 Menswear Collection for Paris Fashion Week. Aside from being excited to see what the duo will do while they’re there, it has brought back all the feels about the duo’s friendship.

Park Bo Gum (left) and BTS’s V (right)

Back in 2016, BTS’s V appeared on one of the first episodes of the reality series Celebrity Bromance with actor and rapper Kim Min Jae. During the video, the two celebrities chatted about everything and anything, including V’s friendship with Park Bo Gum.

In the episode, V revealed that Park Bo Gum is someone that he contacts all the time and also revealed how the duo became friends.

Bo Gum used to be an MC in Music Bank. At that time, we exchanged our contact information and found our common ground. We get along very well in terms of hobbies.

— BTS’s V

| MBCKpop/YouTube 

BTS’s V also revealed how much they had in common and even revealed a time when they went out to Lotte World together and their experience with fans.

After a little while later, crowds started to gather around us. After riding 2 or 3 rides, we couldn’t stay there and had to leave the place.

— BTS’s V

| MBCKpop/YouTube

Aside from those adorable anecdotes, neither V nor Park Bo Gum has been scared to share pictures with each other on social media. Whether it is taking a trip to a theme park or just hanging out, the duo has the sweetest friendship.

| @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

Park Bo Gum also looks very at home with the rest of the BTS members.

Park Bo Gum and BTS | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Yet, after the announcement that the besties would be attending the CELINE show, a netizen on a Korean forum shared a story about the duo that they heard from their friend.

Back in 2020, Park Bo Gum enlisted in the naval corps to complete his mandatory military service. Throughout his time, he continued to wow netizens with his visuals and kept fans updated.

Park Bo Gum commemorates his discharge with a photo. | theqoo

Unfortunately, Park Bo Gum enlisted in the midst of the pandemic. Like all of those in the army, they were unable to have visitors due to restrictions. The story from the op, titled “BTS’s V visited Park Bo Gum while he was in the military,” managed to melt the hearts of ARMYs.

In the post, they revealed that V was unable to visit Park Bo Gum because of the restrictions but as soon as it was possible, he went to see his friend.

V wasn’t able to for a while due to the pandemic, but when restrictions were relaxed he visited. I heard it from a friend who was stationed in the same place as him (park bo gum). I had forgotten about it until I read the article on theqoo, and I’m sharing it with you guys.

— OP

| theqoo

Of course, when the story was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over the sweetness of V and the dedication to his friends. Yet, it isn’t the first time V has been praised for showcasing his true personality.

Earlier in the month, V left America early and took a long flight to attend the VIP premiere of his bestie Kang Dong Won‘s movie Broker. He obviously shined with his visuals.

BTS’s V at the “Broker” VIP premiere

Yet, in an interview with the actor, Kang Dong Won revealed just how sweet and humble V was throughout, always putting his friends first.

Not only did Kang Dong Won explain that although there were rumors that V was leaving America early, he didn’t know that the reason was because of the premiere but the idol made sure his friends were the main priority.

The seating differs per how close I am with them. Taehyung (V) was supposed to sit closer to the front. However, because of those who are close [to V,] he sat in the back. I thought it was fine for those who are younger to watch while putting their heads back. Taehyung was supposed to sit in the front.

— Kang Dong Won

BTS’s V sat at the “Broker” premiere | @taehyungimpact/Twitter

Fans will definitely be hoping for some interactions between V and Park Bo Gum when they get to Paris. Not only will it showcase the duo’s global influence but hopefully, they have some time to hang out in Paris and just hang out.

You can read more about BTS’s V being a true friend below.

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Source: theqoo

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