BTS V’s “Scenery” Voted Best Song Of March 2019

Add this to V’s growing list of accomplishments.

It’s been revealed that BTS V ‘s self-composed song, “Scenery”, is the best song of March 2019.

This result comes from voting website King Choice, where online users were invited to cast their vote on a variety of polls.

Music website, Soundigest, had nothing but praise for V’s solo work.

“Scenery” shows V’s ability for writing moving ballads. He knows how to fit the pieces together in a way that no one part is overwhelmed. Overall, it is well-written, well arranged, and most importantly, moving.

— Soundigest

“Scenery” was also praised as a song that brought in one of V’s more vocal passions–photography.

“Scenery” surpassed 100 million steams on Soundcloud just two weeks after its release, becoming the fastest track to reach that many plays in the history of the streaming service.

While V isn’t the first member of BTS to release a solo track (“Promise” — Jimin), “Scenery” has definitely captured the hearts of ARMY.

Congratulatons, V!

Source: Naver, Soundigest and elite daily


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