BTS, Wanna One, WINNER Show Support For US Version of King of Masked Singer

Find out what artists they want to see on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer” which is the US take on Korea’s TV show “King of Masked Singer” is set to air later today. BTS, Wanna One, and WINNER showed their support for the show via a video message!

BTS Jimin stated that he’s excited to see how the Korean show will be recreated in the US.

It’s not common for a Korean TV program to be recreated overseas, so I’m curious as to what it will be like.

– Jimin, BTS

BTS Jungkook, who featured on King of Masked Singer as Fencing Man, showed his ambition.

I’ll work harder, and if the opportunity comes, I’ll be on the show again.

– Jungkook, BTS

Jungkook picked Charlie Puth as the artist he would like to see on The Masked Singer. Jimin mentioned Usher and how he would love to see a great performance by him.

When asked about who out of BTS should be the one on The Masked Singer, all the members pointed to RM. The reason? Because RM can speak English.

Wanna One Ha Sungwoon and Lee Daehwi featured on King of Masked Singer as “Lesser Panda” and “Joker”. They expressed their desire to feature on The Masked Singer also.

I want to feel that excitement again on The Masked Singer.

– Ha Sungwoon, Wanna One

I’d love to get feedback from Robin Thicke.

– Lee Daehwi, Wanna One

Kang Daniel picked Maroon 5’s Adam Levine as the artist he wanted to see on The Masked Singer, revealing that he is a fan.

WINNER Seungyoon, who also featured on King of Masked Singer as “Fan Ascetic”, talked about the time Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds sang on King of Masked Singer.

He explained that King of Masked Singer was the first TV show Reynolds filmed after arriving in Korea and he had come to film straight from the airport.

Seungyoon also talked about how the mask helps to sing freely.

You have a mask so you feel less pressured. No-one knows who you are, so you can sing a lot more freely.

– Seungyoon, WINNER

The Masked Singer is set to air at 9PM, 2nd of January (local time) on FOX channel.

Source: Sports DongA