BTS’s Hilarious & Heartfelt Messages To Their Future Selves Show There Are Two Types Of People In This World

There are two types of people in this world, and Jungkook is both at once.

In a new interview with MTV News, the BTS members were asked to share messages to their future selves 7 years from now in honor of Map of the Soul: 7. Their answers really show there are two types of people in this world—half of the messages were hilarious, half were heartfelt, and Jungkook’s was a bit of both.

First, there were the funny answers.


In 7 years, RM will be 32 (international age). He was the first to answer the question, but instead of being his usual introspective self, he had the audience in stitches.

RM confidently said he wants to ask his future self, “Have you finally got your driver’s license? I hope so!”. After Jimin passed his driving test back in October last year, RM is now the only member who can’t get behind the wheel yet.


Next up was V, whose answer was just as funny: “Maybe you’re a little taller than 180 centimeters. I hope”. RM quickly quipped that V wants to be 6ft, to which V replied, “I just need one more centimeter and then I’m there.”

In 7 years, V will be 31 years old, and most men stop growing at around 16 to 18. Plus, he’s also around 4 to 5cm away from reaching 6ft. Still, there’s nothing BTS haven’t been able to do so far, so who’s to say V won’t achieve his goal?


The rest of BTS didn’t like Jin’s message to his future self—well, most of them, anyway. Jin’s tone started out serious, but his message to 34-year-old Jin ended up being a lighthearted: “Don’t dance please. Your bones are so weak. So, don’t dance please. Don’t dance”.

But the other members weren’t going to let him get away with that. J-Hope, Jungkook, and RM all told him to keep going. V, on the other hand, joked along, telling him, “Really no… no dance”. In the end, Jin agreed to “half and half”.

After RM, V, and Jin made us laugh, Jimin, J-Hope, and Suga gave heartfelt answers that almost made us cry.


Always the sweetheart, present-day Jimin delivered the sweetest message to older Jimin. He said that he’s doing his best so that one day, he can become his future self—his role model.

In 7 years, Jimin will be 31 years old. Until then, he said he’ll carry on trying hard and making great memories with the rest of BTS.


J-Hope is known for having a bright and happy demeanor most of the time, but everyone feels down once in a while. To J-Hope, the most important thing he wants for his future self is happiness.

In his message, he asked his 33-year-old self, “Are you happy?”. Then, he said he hopes that he’ll still love himself even in 7 years’ time. “Please, forever happy.”


Suga, who will also be 33 in 7 years, took the most serious tone for his message. Alongside being happy, he wants to be healthier in the future too.

He gave himself some helpful words of advice: “Drink, maybe a little less”.

And last, but not least, there’s Jungkook. If there are two types of people in the world—those who are serious and those who are hilarious—Jungkook showed he’s a mix of the two in his answer.


Maknae Jungkook will be just 29 years old in 7 years—the only member not in his 30s. Unsurprisingly, bubbly Jungkook gave himself a heartfelt wish for happiness: “Please happy, bro”.

But before that, he had the whole audience giggling by scolding his future self: “Hey, JK. Why didn’t study English? Please study English!”

Watch the full interview here!