BTS Reacts To Fans’ Vocal Covers Of Their Songs

They were blown away by ARMY’s talent.

Many fans dream of showing their talents to the stars who inspired them, and for a few lucky ARMYs that dream came true.

| Glamour/YouTube

In a new episode of Glamour‘s “You Sang My Song” series, BTS reacts to fan covers of “Dynamite,” “Black Swan,” “IDOL,” “Boy With Luv,” and “FAKE LOVE” on YouTube.

They loved the breathy, R&B sound Julz West brought to “Dynamite” and considered using it as inspiration for their own performances.

Right off the bat, Jungkook recognized Cameron Philip K, a singer-rapper known for his BTS parody videos.

Cameron’s cover of “Black Swan” earned a stamp of approval from the rap line.

Sam TsuiMegan Lee, and Kurt Hugo Schneider created a unique cover of “IDOL” that uses everyday objects (such as a zipper) as part of the arrangement.

BTS sang and grooved along to the song, loving the sound. “It’s an honor for them to do all this,” RM said.

As soon as Ysabelle, a popular YouTube singer, began her “Boy With Luv” cover, BTS were blown away by her vocal talent.

In fact, J-Hope and were so impressed that they wanted to listen to the cover again later.

The last (and loudest!) cover was by the band Lies Behind Your Eyes. Their metal version of “FAKE LOVE” was a total headbanger that made BTS want to try playing live instruments on stage like the drums and electric guitar.

J-Hope and RM both thought the heavy metal genre suited “FAKE LOVE” well.

All in all, BTS loved seeing the way fans reimagined their music. That creativity inspires them to work hard too!

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