BTS’s Webtoon May Have Dropped Spoilers For “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”

These mind-blowing hints went unnoticed, until now.

When it comes to BTS, nothing is a coincidence and everything is a potential hint!


At midnight on January 10 (KST), BTS released the first comeback trailer for their upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. This video is full of hints, clues, and references that are inspiring new fan theories.


When BTS dropped their “Intro: Persona” trailer for MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, fans predicted that BTS’s next album would have something to do with Carl Jung‘s “shadow” and “ego” archetypes. They were right!


Suga stars in the “Interlude: Shadow” trailer, a spiritual sequel to RM‘s “Intro: Persona”. The next comeback trailer, which some fans have nicknamed “Outro: EGO”, is coming out on February 3. Which member will appear in it? Save Me might hold the answer!


This panel has some ARMYs wondering if Jungkook will be in the “EGO” trailer. Why? Check out the red line.


Not only is the line shaped like a “7”, it also looks eerily similar to the line drawn by an ARMY on this map.


This line connects the cities listed for “CONNECT, BTS” in the comeback map: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and New York City.


Fans have found other similarities between the 2019 webtoon and 2020 comeback as well, including this panel. It shows the members’ shadow selves, and hints at the “going back to the beginning” concept that’s been seen in the “Intro: Persona” and “Interlude: Shadow” trailers.


It also looks similar to the mysterious tour teaser Big Hit Entertainment dropped last month!


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out BTS’s comeback trailer here: