BTS Appeared On A Korean Webtoon Series And Fans Are Impressed

The skills of the webtoon artist are out of this world!

The BTS members recently appeared on the Korean webtoon series The Secret of Angel (여신강림) and fans are absolutely loving it.


In the webtoon, the BTS members were introduced as handsome, charming and kind-hearted idols who even had outstanding performance skills, convincing some fans that the writer was an ARMY!

  • “I think the artist is an ARMY.”
  • “The artist also an ARMY…?”
  • “The artist is also an ARMY.”
  • “And so it is. The artist was an ARMY.”


It is evident that each member’s facial characteristics were carefully thought out and incorporated into the webtoon characters, which truly resembled each member!


Many were absolutely impressed with how well the artist portrayed the facial characteristics, style and makeup of each of the members.

  • “The artist really drew them just like BTS though.”
  • “The artist really drew them well lol. The other members on the notebook are exactly the same too.”
  • “Those drawings though…”
  • “It really looks like them. Damn they’re handsome.”
  • “Wow, they really look exactly like the BTS members…That’s amazing.”
  • “This artist has the best drawing skills ever.”
  • “The BTS characters are seriously the best.”
  • “Wow, I’m an ARMY but look at how the artist didn’t pierce J-Hope’s ears….The detail…”


Many fans thanked the webtoon artist through comments for featuring BTS and making their characters so amazing!

  • “Wow seriously thank you so much!! I’m so happy right now.”
  • “I admire you! Thank you!!”
  • “Omg, I love you!! You have hands of gold.”
  • “Seriously the artist’s skills are frighteningly good…No wonder this artist is always No.1 on the Tuesday webtoons.”
  • “The artist really drew the BTS members well. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling throughout the whole time…I admire you!! You’re the best.”


Meanwhile, the artist’s skills were already acknowledged in the past when the Wanna One members were also featured in the same webtoon. This artist sure knows how to make readers’ hearts flutter!

Source: Pann Nate and Naver Comic