Big Hit Entertainment Sues Malicious Netizen For Defaming BTS    

The perpetrator has received the maximum sentence.

Big Hit Entertainment is taking strict legal action to protect their artist, BTS, from defamation.

When it comes to malicious activities, including groundless rumors, sexual harassment, and personal attacks, the agency takes a zero-tolerance approach. On September 24, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement to update fans about their current legal proceedings.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

A netizen, for whom Big Hit Entertainment filed three criminal complaints, has received the maximum sentence for repeatedly defaming BTS through online postings. They have been sentenced to pay the maximum fine of 4 million won ($3,403 USD) for all three charges. In Korea, those found guilty of defamation can be sentenced up to one year in prison.

Big Hit Entertainment is now in the process of filing more criminal complaints against netizens who repeatedly write defamatory posts about BTS even after being questioned by police. The agency says, “If these perpetrators continue to engage in criminal activities after a court sentence, we plan to file for damages in civil court and there will be no settlement or leniency.” 

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