BTS’s Jungkook Opens Up About Being Shy And What Makes Him Nervous

He revealed what difficulties he faces as a shy person.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a fearless performer who lives to entertain, but as many fans know, he can also be shy.

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, Jungkook opened about his shyness, what makes him feel nervous, and what work he finds difficult because of all this.

In his early teens, when Jungkook joined Big Hit Entertainment, he felt nervous singing or speaking in front of a small group of people. To this day he still struggles with this.

And even though I’m not nervous at all when I sing in front of tens of thousands of people, if I have to sing or talk in front of a small group, I get super nervous. I never feel that way on stage, but maybe I have a hard time doing things that are a little bit awkward for me.

— Jungkook

“I can be a shy person,” Jungkook said. “When people used to ask me to sing, I couldn’t always do it—like in front of adults or teachers. And I’m still a bit like that. If I start thinking, “Oh, I can’t do this,” then I really end up not being able to do it. Even when I could have done well.”

Shyness can also affect other areas of Jungkook’s work, and he prefers to slowly open up to people.

I feel the same way about my dancing and my singing, and I can’t compose a really amazing melody either. I feel like I’m always somewhere in the middle. But then I also think I have my own colors, so I like to quietly, slowly open up to people, and let them know what kind of person I am. Yeah, something like that. (laughs)

— Jungkook

Over the years, Jungkook has experienced ups and downs, but his self-understanding and personal growth help him tackle things that are difficult for him to do.

I actually understand my own problems well, so most of the time it’s okay. I can figure things out one at a time through experience instead of just looking for answers. I’m always growing and my personality changes, depending on my environment. I think I’ve learned to do things I used to find difficult by experiencing it little by little.

— Jungkook

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Source: Weverse Magazine