BTS Will Take You Back To Your Childhood With Their Latest PAPER Magazine Pictorial

Back to the ’90s.

BTS‘s latest pictorial with PAPER Magazine is bound to bring you back to your childhood. The magazine worked with the designer of Lisa Frank and is about to send all ARMYs back to the ’90s.

The members also had their solo shots. Eldest member Jin is surrounded by what he loves best: food. It seems like the designer did her research on Eat Jin and knew precisely what the idol loved most.

Suga is seen sitting over the world in his photo. Just goes to show that he is indeed the king of the universe.

J-Hope is seen in a tropical paradise, surrounded by nature and birds. Many agree that its reminiscent of his first solo mixtape, “HOPE WORLD.”

RM is an angel in his picture, halo and all. Fans agree that this is perfect for RM. As the leader of the group, he is an angel in the eyes of his members and to the ARMYs.

Jimin is seen in a winter wonderland, surrounded by arctic animals and resting on floating ice. He’s undoubtedly taking cool to another level!

V, on the other hand, is in a field with horses. During his interview with the magazine, the idol emphasized his appreciation for natural things, so its no surprise they went with this theme.

Maknae Jungkook is under the sea, surrounded by aquatic animals. The idol is known for his fluid movements on stage, so the water motif suits him to a T.

Their photoshoot is a blast from the past, with many ARMYs recalling how their stationary during their youth would be all Lisa Frank. Many applaud BTS for embracing a stereotypically feminine concept, with fans and netizens alike commenting on how they loved how the photos turned out.

Source: Pann


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