Here’s What BTS Wishes For In 2019 In Latest Bangtan Bomb

BTS hope for great fortune during the golden pig year.

In their latest Bangtan Bomb, BTS members reflected on the past year and thanked A.R.M.Y for their support. They also revealed some of their wishes going into the new year.

Jimin was the first to speak to A.R.M.Y. First, he reflected on how long BTS and A.R.M.Y have been together and will continue to be together. He said that A.R.M.Y helped him realise that he had to take care of himself and that he wishes everyone will take better care of themselves in 2019.

He talks about how his new song “Promise” came to be and promises that he will show himself to A.R.M.Y more in 2019.

was up next. V’s zodiac sign is a pig and 2019 is apparently the golden pig year. He wished both BTS and A.R.M.Y great fortune in 2019. He finished with a smile and a soft “Golden pig year fighting!”.

Then it was J-Hope‘s turn. He thanked A.R.M.Y for their support and wished them fortune as it is the golden pig year after all. Much like Jimin, J-Hope wishes to take care of himself better in order to be the best he can be for A.R.M.Y.

Then came worldwide handsome himself, Jin. Jin says that he hopes that everyone gets to eat a lot of ddeokgook (rice cake soup) during the new year’s celebrations. He aims to put in more effort this year in order to release another solo song like Jimin. He also wished A.R.M.Y a fortune filled year.

Suga wishes that everyone can take care of their health and make a lot of money during the golden pig year. He laments that a year can pass by so quickly. He thinks he will make huge strides in his production work this year.

Leader RM found himself very distracted by his pig hat. He wishes to buy less clothes and produce a lot more music this year. He says as long as you do something in the new year, that’s all that matters.

Last was the maknae Jungkook. He started by thanking the A.R.M.Y for the support they have shown him over the past year. He hopes that in 2019, he can keep at least some of the promises he made to himself. He wishes that happy things will happen to his hyungs, Taehyung and Jimin, as it is the pig year.

Finally, he wishes A.R.M.Y happy things in 2019 and finishes with a pair of finger hearts. What a thoughtful and inspirational video from BTS, you can watch the full Bangtan Bomb below.