BTS Reveals What It Was Like Working With Ed Sheeran On Their Track “Permission to Dance”

It is the second time they have worked with the singer!

BTS recently released their latest track, “Permission to Dance,” which was co-written by British artist Ed Sheeran! It is not the first time he has worked with the group after helping to create their 2019 track, “Make It Right.”

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran | Ed Sheeran/ Facebook

Although it is the second time Ed Sheeran has worked with the group, RM admitted that they still hadn’t met him in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Oh, we can’t believe we haven’t met him yet. This is the second project with him, but we haven’t met him.

— RM

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/ YouTube

Even though the group hasn’t actually met Ed in person, they couldn’t stop praising him in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. J-Hope explained how they knew it was perfect for them as soon as they’d heard the song.

Ed sent us this amazingly good song, and as soon as we listened to it, we just couldn’t resist it. We thought it went really well with our image, so we just went with it.

— J-Hope

BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Yet, as expected, the group is hoping that, once circumstances allow, they will be able to meet up with Ed. J-Hope and group on a track, after their song “Make It Right,” already knew what they would do when they first met. In the interview, V explained that he’d tell Ed what a huge fan he is, and J-Hope added that he would sing their song for him!

With Jungkook explaining that he’d love to work with the singer-songwriter in the future, hopefully, they can meet sooner rather than later. You can watch the video for their latest track below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Tonight Show, FI and FI