Brazilian ARMYs Literally Flooded the Streets Ahead of BTS’s Arrival

Brazilian ARMYs are at a whole different level.

BTS recently continued their world tour in São Paulo, Brazil, where Brazilian ARMYs showed just how passionate they are for the world-class idols ahead of BTS’s arrival.

As soon as BTS arrived at the stadium, they were met with the warmest welcome that was at a whole new level.

In a video shared by a fan, it appeared that the Brazilian ARMYs literally seized the streets in order to greet their favorite idols.

The crowd was so overwhelming that the van was guided and protected on its way through, and whichever way the van went, the most passionate chants and cheers followed.

In addition, it wasn’t just young female ARMYs that were captured, but ARMYs of all genders and age groups, which just goes to show how diverse BTS’s Brazilian fan base really is.

It was even reported that some Brazilian ARMYs even camped out since last February in order to see BTS live.


The videos shared of BTS’s arrival in São Paulo is a good example of how passionate the Brazilian ARMYs are and why BTS has the reputation of being true world-class idols.

Source: Insight