(★BREAKING) “A world tour will follow the release of BTS’s next album”

A world tour will follow the release of BTS’s new album!

BTS has confirmed a world tour will follow the release of their new full-length album “LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR”, according to VOGUE Magazine.


An article was published in Vogue’s May 2018 issue which reveals that after the release of BTS’s album in May, a world tour will follow in 2018.

Image: Vogue Magazine

“Said to be the next act of a musical series that began last year with “LOVE YOURSELF: Her”, their new record (arriving this month) reveals a more mature take on romance. And to follow, a worldwide tour for which their Army is ready and waiting.” — Monika Kim


A photo leaked last year suggested the boys’ 2018 tour would commence on August 28, but this was just a rumor.


There is still a lot of uncertainty over whether the tour dates in the picture are confirmed, with A.R.M.Y on Twitter still sharing conflicting dates.

The boys confirmed last year in an interview with ET that their next tour would include more performances in more places around the world, so the buzz surrounding where and when is growing with each day!


While there is no certainty over timing, fans are hopeful the tour dates and locations will be announced soon!