BTS World Tour Tickets Are Reselling For Ridiculous Prices

And some fans don’t mind the price, if it means getting in…

Come this August 2018, BTS will be going on a worldwide tour starting off with two concerts in Seoul, Korea. ARMYs all over the globe are thrilled to see the boy group on the road and look forward to meeting them in their countries.


Minutes after these tour tickets went on sale, all seats were sold out. The tickets were pre-released to official fan club members first, meaning the diehard BTS fans got first dibs to purchase. Even then, the competition was extremely fierce and not everyone got to score.

With so many people trying to access the ticket sales website, it even crashed with server issues for two hours.


While ARMYs want to believe that actual BTS fans wouldn’t do such thing to each other, some ticket holders are now reselling the Seoul concert tickets for unreasonable prices.

The cheapest ticket is listed at $300 USD and the highest at $3,000.


What would have been originally a $110 ticket is now being resold at an average of $1,000.

The less expensive balcony seats are going for above $200 as well.


Regarding such tickets, Big Hit Entertainment stated there will be legal action against those who sell and buy.

“All tickets will be sold on the “Interpark” website. No other platform will be used for ticket sales. All tickets sold outside of Interpark, transferred, or resold for higher prices will be cancelled and non-refundable. We have the right to void such tickets without prior notification and/or take legal action.” — Big Hit Entertainment 


Even so, these ticket resellers are in good business, as desperate fans who want to see BTS in person go great lengths to pay tenfold the original price to get any seat available.

Korean entertainment agencies are hard at work trying to battle the resales, but as sophisticated and almost professional the ticket resellers have evolved, the fight isn’t going to be easy.

Source: JTBC News