BigHit Entertainment Under Fire For BTS’ Collaboration With Yasushi Akimoto

Fans demand a response from BigHit Entertainment.

It was recently announced that BTS would be collaborating with AKB48‘s producer, Yasushi Akimoto, on their new Japanese single. The producer is known to have written the lyrics for “Bird”, the new title track of their upcoming album.

BTS To Collaborate With AKB48’s Producer For New Japanese Single


Although many were excited about the new Japanese single, some fans expressed concerns about the collaboration. They claimed that the producer is an active supporter of the Japanese Prime Minister’s right-wing policies and groups that take pride in Japan’s imperial era – an extremely sensitive topic for Koreans. As a result, K-ARMYs have created a request to stop the collaboration, explaining their reasoning in detail.


Some fans have also pointed out that the producer is known for his misogynic lyrics.


ARMYs are worried that this collaboration may cause the general public to affiliate BTS with Yasushi Akimoto’s controversial lyrics, as well as think that BTS supports Japan’s imperialistic ideas.


BTS’ name has already been linked the term “right-wing” on some Korean search engines, causing fans to become even angrier at BigHit Entertainment, who has yet to release any statement in response.


Korean ARMYs have been doing their best to get BigHit Entertainment’s attention and stop this collaboration. They’ve been demanding a response from the agency.

“They’ve been doing well so far. Why must you go this far for Japanese promotions…I understand it’s the company’s business but I hope a statement responding to fans’ reactions will be released soon… While they’re diligently making history on their world tour, I think the members will also feel distressed.” — @save_0613

“I thought all of you were on vacation or something because there was no feedback but I guess you are there? Shouldn’t you at least tell us that you’ve heard our cries and are preparing a response? You can’t even do that properly and now you want to create a leader of the global music market?ㅋㅋㅋ Ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ” — @coldtang


Amidst the fans’ frustrations, BigHit Entertainment posted an announcement for their global auditions.


Fans are furious, claiming that the agency is ignoring their demands by posting an announcement for global auditions without any regard to their concerns.

“Wow…isn’t this too much!!!??? Completely ignoring the fans opinions and tweeting about an audition! I’m at a loss for words!!! Please don’t clip the wings of your artists. Please stop the collaboration with the right-wing, misogynic producer.” — @naegewajimin

“What about the feedback? Can’t you understand that releasing an official statement is more important right now that Big Hit global auditions?” — @IJUNGKOOKU

“Are you abandoning BTS for some rookies?” — @bts_heum

Source: eDaily