“#BTSIsOverParty” Trended At #1 Worldwide After YouTubers Claim It’s For Charity, And ARMYs Took Action

It caused a series of misunderstanding.

The hashtag claiming “BTS Is Over Party” trended worldwide, causing ARMYs and netizens to spiral into a confusing argument.


The hashtag was apparently started by a group of friends that calls themselves “The Mob”. They are known for their YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

They created the hashtag to create awareness for their recent charity.


However, the hashtag created a confusion among netizens as some began Tweeting negative comments that bashed BTS.


Others claimed that although the intensions of the hashtag were good, it is causing unnecessary confusion and negativity towards BTS. ARMYs believe The Mob should have gone with a more positive hashtag.


ARMYs gathered together to create a new and more positive #1 worldwide trend as they switched the hashtag all together to “#BTSForTheKids”.


Despite the hashtag confusion, BTS once again proved that even just the mention of their name will cause the world to turn.