BTS’s Character Store Is Coming to Los Angeles And Fans Can’t Handle It

Hollywood ARMYs, get your wallets ready!

Hollywood ARMYs will soon be able to buy BTS‘s BT21 merchandise at their very own local store!


For those who don’t know, BT21 are part of LINE FRIENDS, a series of cartoon characters based on sticker designs from the Line messaging app. Each BT21 character was designed by a BTS member.


Koya is a sleepy, blue koala created by RM.


Like J-Hope, Mang absolutely loves to dance. He wears a horse-faced mask with a heart-shaped nose, but his true breed is unknown.


Tata is a curious, shapeshifting alien with a heart-shaped face and a blue, polka-dotted body. He was created by V.


Chimmy was created by Jimin. This happy-go-lucky puppy wears a yellow hoodie and has a stuck out tongue.


Cooky, is a tough, pink bunny who loves his body and wants to be strong.


Like Jin, RJ loves food! This character is a white alpaca who wears either a red scarf or a grey parka, depending on the weather.


Shooky is a naughty chocolate cookie who dislikes milk. He was created by Suga.


Van is Tata’s giant space robot. RM created him to be BT21’s protector. Van represents ARMY.


Over the years, BT21’s popularity has risen alongside BTS’s. The BT21 stores in Seoul and Tokyo are now must-visit tourist destinations for fans.


Each location is brimming with colourful BT21 merch that includes plushies, clothing, accessories, and more!


Every time BT21 opens a new store, thousands of ARMYs show up to welcome it.


When BT21’s first US store landed in New York, it received a massive reception on opening day.


Crowds of New York ARMYs flooded the store…


…and took home bundles of BT21 goodies!


So far, not much is known about the upcoming Los Angeles location.


Fans recently spotted BT21 window sticks in this empty Hollywood storefront, but BT21 has yet to make an official announcement about the new location.


Even so, excited ARMYs are already reaching for their wallets.


Hopefully, more info will be released soon!