BTS Concerts Have One Of The Biggest Impacts On The Airline And Tourism Industry–Here’s Proof

“Whenever BTS has an event, there is an increase in searches for flights to Korea.”

An article by Korean news website Newsis has listed BTS as a clear leader in impacting the airline and tourism industry.

According to reports by the Korean Tourism Organisation, nearly 8,000 fans from 65 countries including Japan, China, and the U.S. came to Gwangju for the Super SBS Concert held on April 28.

Whenever BTS has an event, there is an increase in searches for flights to Korea.

— Newsis

This is based on data provided by, a tourism website, for the 1st quarter of 2019.

Kayak reported that when BTS’s concert dates for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour was announced, the number of searches for flights went up by as little as 20% for flights to New York, and a whooping 392% for flights to São Paulo. BTS is set to have 2 shows in São Paulo, where they have a significant fanbase in Brazil and Latin America.

Korea was also a benificiary of this effect, with the November/December period being highlighted due to the number of award shows during that time. The number of searches for flights went up as little as 44% to as much as 154%.

Newsis stated that groups like Super JuniorTWICE, BLACKPINK, and MONSTA X need to have more events.

Jung Hyojin, the head of Kayak Korea, spoke on the trend of “concept travel”.

The current global trend is “concept travel”, where people are going on trips to pretty landscapes, activities, book/film locations, etc. People buying flights to go to K-Pop events are following the same trend.

— Jung Hyojin


Source: Naver and Translation - Twitter


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