BTS’s “DNA” Named One of the Best Songs of the Year by Vulture

Popular US magazine and media presence, Vulture, couldn’t help but publish a raving review of BTS’s “DNA” in its “8 Best New Songs of the Week” section.

BTS competed with some of the best the west had to offer and impressed the editors so much that they called it “one of the better singles of the year.”

Indeed, the music critic’s assessment of the song goes so far as to categorize it as a genre-defying “pop emergency.”

I would venture to call this a pop emergency. Unlike so many of the songs that made them an international phenomenon, it’s barely rap and it moves away from trap and the plague of “trop-pop.” “DNA” recategorizes BTS by shrugging off genre entirely; it’s like acoustic(ish)-synth-house, or whatever.

— Vulture’s DL

The author (DL) goes on to note that not only is “DNA” one of this year’s better singles, it is “breaking records across the planet.”

In fact, the article is one of few to note that BTS’s international megastardom all but eclipses the success of the Chainsmokers who they allowed “into their orbit” on their new album.”

In the end, DL writes that the track, “if this country has any clue left, will make for the band’s biggest American break yet.”

If you haven’t already seen it, check out BTS’s DNA MV below!

Source: Vulture