This Is Why BTS’s Fame In The U.S. Was Inevitable

BTS has been making headlines wherever they go outside Korea, and their recent activities are certainly no exception.

BTS’s popularity and brand recognition have especially skyrocketed in the United States since their BBMA win and AMA performance. 

Billboard attributes a large portion of their fame and appeal in the western world to their undeniably unified dance routines, also known as kalgunmoo.

BTS is known to practice their dance routines up to 12 hours a day, which is virtually impossible, given their crazy busy schedule.

No wonder their performances are outstanding every single time, and fans go wild wherever they go!

Inevitably, BTS raises their bar even higher every time, as their choreography keeps getting more innovative and more complicated.

Billboard also marvels at BTS’s ability to pull off complex choreography with an authenticity that defies western expectations of K-Pop.

“Less generous characterizations have often pegged dancing in the Korean pop industry as robotic and mechanical, but BTS consistently resists those descriptions as their approach to dance is both precise and colorful.”

— Caitlin Kelley, Billboard

Indeed, BTS’s tendency to be heavily involved in the development of their choreography lends to the authentic, attractive feel of their moves.

Along with the countless hours of practice, BTS performs with all their passion and heart in every performance, which never fails to wow audiences all over the world.

With such amazing kalgunmoo and laser-focus on delivering the best they possibly can, it’s impossible for U.S. audiences not to love them!

Source: Dispatch