Hangul Cultural Corporation Selects BTS’s ARMY For 2019’s ‘Lover Of Korean’ Title

Congrats to ARMYs!

BTS’s fan club, ARMY, has been selected by the Hangul Culture Corporation as this year’s ‘Lover of Korean’.

BTS’s fan club ARMY is made up of both Korean and international fans. ARMYs global fans have always shown their support through learning Korean in order to understand the group’s music.

The Hangul Culture Corporation commented,

ARMYs always sing along in Korean and hold up signs that are written in Korean. We have chosen them for this title because they have become an important role in spreading our language and culture to all parts of the world.

Other people that have been selected for this award include No Hee chan, Ham Euiyoung, Jung Kyungdo, and the VANK organization.

Way to go ARMYs!

Source: g-e news