BTS’s Jin Answers Question Regarding Military Enlistment During Global Press Conference

Questions regarding military enlistment have been asked yet again.

On February 24 at 2 PM KST, BTS held their online global press conference for their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. This conference was broadcast live from their YouTube channel, allowing foreign media and fans all over the world to tune in.

Among the many questions received, one question garnered attention as it mentioned the topic of military enlistment. Fans were divided in opinion stating that this question was unnecessary and shouldn’t have been asked at such an occasion.

The question read:

To this, Jin gave his reply.

I know many people are curious about this topic and all I can say is that no decisions have been made yet. I believe that military enlistment is a part of my duty and I am ready to accept it whenever the country calls me in. If something does become confirmed, I hope to show my best to everyone.

Some fans did not understand why such a question made it to the global press conference list.

“This wasn’t even a real-time question so I don’t understand why Big Hit included it in the list of questions. If you know that nothing has been confirmed, why add it in? Jin looks so distraught after answering this question.”

“I thought they received the questions beforehand through e-mail? Why didn’t they take this question out? Jin just said the same answer he’s always been saying so why was it necessary to be said again here?”

“It looked like they were trying to get past this question quickly. Usually two members answer one question but this one only Jin answered. I hope Big Hit can say something about this soon instead of adding questions in like this.”

What are your thoughts about this question?

This new album contains a total of 20 tracks with 15 being new songs. They will promote in Korea before starting their world tour in April.

Source: sbsfune