BTS’s Jin Reveals He Is Always Thinking About Happiness And How To Achieve It

BTS has become who they are now because of each other and ARMYs.

During a recent interview, BTS revealed their thoughts on becoming a worldwide K-Pop group and gave thanks to ARMYs for their continuous support.




In 2018, they received the opportunity to speak at the United Nations, which garnered international attention. They were also the first Korean artists to win two times at the 2019 Grammy Awards. By now, there is probably no one that hasn’t heard of BTS. BTS truly has a tremendous power that is impacting the 21st century.




Although BTS has garnered huge success, they encountered many financial difficulties in the past. RM commented, “Having arguments is inevitable with seven grown men working together. We overcame this by understanding and caring for each other.




Jimin added, “It was hard to understand each other because we were all different. But we didn’t give up, and we became an irreplaceable team.”





They also confessed the pressure they had as a group that has grown into a world-class artist. RM commented, “I would be lying if I said there was no pressure, but I always want to do my best on stage.” Jin added, “I always try my best to go the right way,” while V stated, “It is pressure to hold a perfect performance, but being natural is also equally as important.”




BTS advised ARMYs to study English and live freely. Jin and Suga felt that knowing English was a great asset. RM added that if you are debating about doing it or not, always to take the challenge.

BTS also revealed how integral they are with ARMYs. They believed that it was because of ARMYs that they were able to spread their music all over the world.




When asked about what their new dream is, Jin commented, “I have many conversations with Bang PD about living a happy life. I’m always thinking about how to live happily.”




Jungkook revealed that he hopes for nothing more than to continue performing on stage and making music.





BTS also became the first Korean act to be chosen as Variety’s Hitmaker of the Year.

Source: news chosun