BTS’s Jin Lives Up To His “Worldwide Handsome” Nickname By Proving His Global Influence At The Most Unexpected Moment

Even while serving in the military, Jin is a hot topic worldwide!

BTS‘s Jin has recently cemented his status as “Worldwide Handsome,” even while serving in the military.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since debuting, Jin has earned the nickname of “Worldwide Handsome” because no matter what country you are in, there is always a long list of people who are fans of Jin, whether it’s because of his talent, visuals, or charming personality.


Even while he is currently serving in the army, Jin is making headlines and continuing to showcase his impact… globally.

On June 6, JTBC aired the next episode of their popular Korean show 뭉뜬리턴즈. In the show, the cast members carried on their global journey as they traveled through Paris, France.

The poster for the show | JTBC

During the episode, they sat in a taxi and started chatting to the driver about Korea. To start, comedian Kim Yong Man asked the driver whether he knew about famous footballer Son Heung Min.

The cast cheered in unison when the driver explained that he, of course, knew Son Heung Min.

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After that, the driver seemed to want to cement his knowledge of Korean culture, especially BTS! He explained about a song… before saying, “A famous Jin.”

Yet, his words seemingly got lost in translation for the cast as they thought the driver was talking about jeans rather than any singers.

Trying to understand what could be so famous about jeans, fellow cast member Ahn Jung Hwan suddenly had a thought as he asked, “BTS?” it seemed like the driver was actually talking about BTS’s Jin, which made a lot more sense to the cast.

The driver then explained how influential Jin is by revealing, “My son is a very fan of him.”

The cast of the show didn’t seem too surprised by BTS’s global influence, and they even started singing “IDOL.”

As expected, Jin might be serving in the military, but his global influence continues to be shown through meetings with those from other countries. It’s not surprising that he’s so loved and respected by everyone.

Source: wikitree