BTS’s Jungkook Explains Why He Sings Differently In English Than He Does In Korean

He sounds amazing in any language!

BTS‘s Jungkook is an amazing vocalist, no matter the language he’s singing in! Jungkook is also aware of the vocal nuances required to sing in different languages, which is a testament to his musical talent and skills.

| LESS/Weverse Magazine

In a recent interview with Kang Myung Seok of Weverse Magazine, Jungkook revealed why his vocal tone is different in Korean and English.


Jungkook explained that “sometimes you have to bear down a little on your words to talk in Korean” and that he speaks in a low voice because he’s from Busan. Jungkook also said that he finds it easier to use his head voice in English than in Korean.

| @jungkookah_7/Twitter

It’s easy to use your head voice when you sing in English as well, but it can be uncomfortable, while in Korean if you try to sing higher using your head voice, it can sound a bit nasally sometimes. But at the same time, it can be hard to break old habits when I sing in English since I’ve always been singing in Korean.

— Jungkook

If you’ve noticed slight changes in Jungkook’s voice between BTS’s Korean songs and their English releases, you’re picking up on the subtle differences he’s deliberately added in to fit each language while delivering an amazing vocal performance!

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Source: Image (1) and (2) and Weverse Magazine