BTS’s Jungkook Hints At New Music

He’s not just working on one song, either!

On September 27, BTS‘s J-Hope was hosting a VLIVE to celebrate the drop of “Chicken Noodle Soup”, his new music collab with Becky G, when Jungkook came around to visit J-Hope’s studio.


When he walked in, J-Hope hyped up the maknae by asking him to do the #CNSChallenge, to which Jungkook complied and slayed (obviously!). 



J-Hope then encouraged Jungkook to do his own VLIVE, to which Jungkook replied excitedly,

I’m working on new music! I was originally planning on releasing it right after our break, but I wasn’t satisfied with it


When J-Hope asked when the song would come out, Jungkook said that he’s not just working on one song, and bowed to the camera humbly while asking fans to look forward to his new releases!


He then took his leave, saying he’s going to work hard on it now…especially the chorus!


We can’t wait for more quality music from BTS!