BTS’s Jungkook Influences Younger Generation To Continue Wearing Traditional Korean Hanbok

Jungkook has shown to be a good influence once again!

BTS has shown to be a good influence once again. The hanbok market, which was currently in a state of recession, has come back to life thanks to Jungkook wearing one at the airport this past summer.




Jungkook wore this casual hanbok on July 4 at the airport on his way to Osaka for their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAKYOURSELF World Tour.

The young generation is usually reluctant to wear modern style hanbok. But after Jungkook wore it, many young people started to look into it. The young generation is satisfied with the hanbok once they start wearing it. Wearing one has become hip and on-trend, thanks to Jungkook. Before this, our hanbok clientele were the elderly and Buddhist monks. Now, the entire consumer group has changed.”

— Lifestyle Hanbok Brand, Zijangsa





The lifestyle hanbok brand also revealed that orders for their product are still coming in even though it’s not the season to even wear it yet.

“We did not sponsor his hanbok. He bought it and wore it himself. We were shocked to see our hanbok in the news article. ARMYs even called our store to confirm that it was our product. Thanks to Jungkook, we have many young people, and even overseas ARMYs visit our store and purchase our products. Even though our products are suitable for the spring and fall time, we are still receiving orders even though it doesn’t fit the season.”





They also expressed their gratitude to Jungkook and wished that they could send him a present not as a sponsorship but because they are genuinely grateful for his positive influence on the modern hanbok business.

BTS will be releasing the first episode to their BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 at 9 PM KST through Weverse.

Source: osen