BTS Jungkook’s Long Hair Is Officially One Of The Biggest Highlights Of 2019

The golden maknae killed it with his hair this year!

Although BTS’s Jungkook is known for being a global trendsetter for his fashion, he has totally won 2019 with his amazing long hair visuals. This fact is not known just by ARMYs but also by famous fashion companies who recognize Jungkook for being a true style icon.




U.K’s Glamour Magazine stated that Jungkook drew the most attention to them in terms of male idols that grew their hair out this year. He became a trending topic in the states back in August for his hair after the Lotte Duty Free Family concert. Jungkook is currently back to his shorter hair, but his long hair will be a moment fans will never forget.




Allure Magazine also highlighted Jungkook’s beauty for the One of the Highlights of 2019 in their annual fashion report.





Fans couldn’t agree more with these fashion outlets and shared their favorite moments of Jungkook’s long hair.





















I think it’s safe to say BTS’s golden maknae is truly a stunna when it comes to hair! (esp. long hair.)