BTS’s Maknae Line Sent RM 3 Very Different Birthday Greetings

Here’s how Jimin, V, and Jungkook celebrated his birthday.

BTS‘s leader is now 25 years old, and his members are honoring the big day in their own unique ways.


On Twitter, the hyung liners were the first members to wish RM happy birthday. J-Hope tweeted this cute message with ARMY‘s hashtags…


…followed by Suga and Jin.


Jimin was the first maknae liner to celebrate, by sending RM an adorable video message. In the caption, Jimin apologizes for his belated B-Day wishes, and in the video, he apologizes for not being there in person, saying that he hopes RM will eat lots of food. He also tells RM how much he loves him.


V, on the other hand, decided to celebrate with a photo of himself dozing with his “Kim brother”.  Jimin and V’s birthday greetings are sentimental and sweet…


…and then there’s Jungkook‘s. Every year, the evil–er, Golden–maknae clowns his members on their birthdays. This year, he used an app to age RM up from 25 to around 35! The photo is making fans laugh, but the caption’s making them cry. “Before the birthday ends,” Jungkook wrote. “happy birthday to my first and last role model.” 


BTS have celebrated 6 years worth of RM’s birthdays as idols, and their love for him just keeps getting stronger!