BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona Album Charts #1 In Multiple Countries 7 Months After Release

They were very motivated!

BTS‘s latest album Map of the Soul: Persona has risen to the iTunes chart again 7 months after release.

ARMYs were encouraging each other to purchase the song on iTunes with the hashtag, #BuyPersonaOniTunes. Fans were also tweeting photos of their purchases under that hashtag.

As fans were monitoring the charts, and were continuously purchasing albums, they noticed that it has risen in the charts.

The album moved upward from Top 700 all the way to Top 2.

ARMYs continued to push the album all the way to the number one spot in 45 countries.

ARMYs collectively decided to hold this mass buying on iTunes and have BTS chart on the iTunes charts in response to BTS not managing to win an award from the People’s Choice Awards.

Source: TheQoo