This is how BTS’s “Mic Drop” is possibly related to “Fire” and “Not Today”

If you’re a fan of BTS, there’s no doubt that BTS’s well-executed music videos are a point of pride.

Not only do they showcase BTS’s music and choreography, but they also add narratives and visual aesthetics to the mix.

And, believe it or not, the world of BTS’s music videos may have just gotten even broader and deeper.

Music video director Kim Sung Wook talked about filming Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix), and pointed BTS fans to a possible connection between it and the music videos for “Not Today” and “Fire”.

Kim explained the premise of the music video as BTS’s pursuit of freedom.

“I wanted to lock BTS in an interrogation room. Then I wanted to show viewers how they manage to escape the room and free themselves with music.”

— Kim Sung Wook 

Kim pointed out how BTS’s musical freedom may come into conflict with the amount of media attention and criticism they receive and that BTS will hopefully rise above it.

“BTS has been at the center of media attention that has consistently evaluated them. […] I wanted BTS to soar high as free artists.

There are “haters” in the video that appear in black cloaks. But with the power of BTS’s music, they become the group’s followers. At the end of the video, the bandmates drop their mics and disappear, as if saying, ‘Catch me if you can. I will fly high no matter what.'”

— Kim Sung Wook 

The mention of the hooded haters has prompted fans to find other instances in BTS music videos where they make an appearance, such as in Fire M/V and Not Today M/V.

One fan connected the dots and built a loose narrative that continues across BTS’s music video universe.

According to the speculation, Suga lights a hater on fire with the power of BTS’s music in Fire.

Then, they are chased by a group of haters across a desert in Not Today“.

Then, the haters finally become fans in BTS’s Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) M/V.

Whether or not the narrative is true, it certainly provides an interesting way to understand and watch BTS’s music videos.

Watch the full music video below with the new info in mind:

Source: Korea Herald