BTS’s Popularity Causes Several Websites To Crash

Several websites have crashed following the pre-sale announcement of BTS‘s extension album, Wings: You Never Walk Alone, showing just how popular the group really is.

After announcing that the group would be making a comeback and releasing an album, ARMYs across the globe were excited to once again have more music from the top K-pop group. The album, which is an extension of their latest album Wings, was announced on rather short notice and with very little information in regards to its pricing and contents. But being in the dark still didn’t stop fans from pre-ordering the album the moment it went on sale.

In fact, there was such a high volume requests on different sites such as Synnara Records, KPOPTOWN, and KPOPMART that several of these websites crashed. Very soon after going on sale, the album sold out, requiring more albums to be put available for pre-order. BTS once again proved that they’re currently top idol group, with fans all over the world demanding to hear their new songs.

There has been much speculations on what the concept of the new comeback will be, but no teasers have yet been released. The full album is set to be released on February 13th.

Source: Kookje News