BTS’s RM Features On Lil Nas X’s “Seoul Town Road”

“I got the Ho-Mi’s in the back.”

Lil Nas X‘s rose to fame with his song “Old Town Road”, 16 weeks strong at the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, Lil Nas X released a special remix called “Seoul Town Road”, featuring BTS‘s RM.

RM wrote his own lyrics for his feature on the song, mixing both country and hip-hop. Fans love the lyric “I got the Ho-Mi’s in the back”, since it was a reference to his homies (BTS) as well as a reference to a traditional Korean hand plow called Homi.

The album art features a purple horse. The horse reference the original track, while the purple is considered the representative color of BTS and the ARMYs.

Check out the song here!

Source: TheQoo