BTS’s RM Reunites With The Cast Of “Problematic Men” 7 Years Later

Old friends, new memories.

Between BTS‘s June comeback and their visit to The White HouseRM‘s schedule is packed. Even so, he still found time to reconnect with old friends.

RM on “Problematic Men.” 

Problematic Men is a talk show variety program that stars Jun Hyun MooKim Ji Seok, Lee Jang WonHa Seok Jin, Joo Woo Jae, and DDotty. BLOCK B‘s Park Kyung and BTS’s RM were also once regulars on the show.

RM joined Problematic Men in 2015 and left the show after 21 episodes to go on BTS’s Red Bullet world tour. While on the show, RM flaunted his high IQ by solving math problems and answering questions.

Seven years later, RM went out with his old castmates for dinner, shortly before leaving for the U.S. On Instagram, RM and Jun Hyun Moo both posted photos from the reunion.

RM (second from left) with the “Problematic Men” cast.
RM and Jun Hyun Moo | @rkive/Instagram

Seeing these hyungs for the first time in a while.. #problematicmen

— RM’s caption

Years have passed by, but some things haven’t changed at all. The producer of Problematic Men, Lee Geun Chan, also shared snaps from the outing on Instagram. In the caption, the PD wrote, “From filming Episode 1 until now, it’s been 7 years. Thank you for being just like you were back then…”

| @rkive/Instagram

Who knows? Maybe these friends will work together on a new project someday!

| @rkive/Instagram

Until then, check out what RM is up to in America.

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