RM Shares His Heartfelt Thoughts About “Bring The Soul: The Movie”

He opened his whole heart to fans.

On August 6, BTS saw their new concert film, Bring The Soul: The Movie, at a private screening. Afterward, RM logged onto BTS Weverse to share his thoughts, reflections, and fears with ARMY. This is what he wrote.


Hello. For the first time on Weverse, I’m going to write a long post. Today, I saw Bring The Soul: The Movie, and I had a lot of thoughts about things.”


“Ah, back then, that’s what I was like. I thought I was mature and skilled, but I wasn’t. I was so clumsy and reckless. The scenes were from a year ago, but they seem so distant. Why?”


“Things that I have always been curious and anxious about – how would I feel if I shouted them out with my whole heart? Do you think I’ll make people feel sincerely touched?”


“Where would we be right now? Who am I to our team? What would the members think? And what would you guys, below the stage, think?”


“I always know the answer, but sometimes I blame myself for cowardly turning my back on it. The answers, I’ve tried to find them while taking countless walks by countless rivers, and they may not come like a comfort that approaches slowly and instantly numbs. Still, I’m going to keep my head above water. The content in my book may only have this, but that’s all right.”


“Come what may, I’ll still sit at the desk in the studio and see other artists in my eyes, and hold them in my heart. If it gets too difficult, I’ll run like a racehorse on a treadmill. Then it feels like I can open up my narrow heart.”


“This time, again, what should I talk about? Ah…the thing that’s most curious and fearful is that when I sing, write, and dance, will I be able to reach the hearts of many people? I hope it will. When I write songs and lyrics, those things can’t seem to leave my mind for days or weeks.”


“All the lyrics circle my mind and bring me to tears. It’s like that when I’m getting dressed, taking a shower, or going out on the street. I think I know a little bit about what the mind/heart of an actor is like.”


“Like a summer that came suddenly, it’s kind of random, but sometimes I should write things like this. Since I don’t know when this little fire will grow cold. I don’t know if it’s because I overthink, but I keep forgetting yesterday’s scenes so easily. I’m afraid forgetfulness will become a habit. So sometimes I’ll write it down where you can see it.”


“I don’t know what this movie will make you feel. It was weird for me. And I just wanted to improve. Ah, there’s still a long way to go before the me I am is the me I want to be. Why is it so far away?”


“I will sit at the studio desk tomorrow night to get a little closer to that “me”. Like this, always while singing, I believe I will reach that far away me. I’ll stay grateful, think about who I am, and improve.”


“By the way, I need to watch a Disney movie today! Because I saw the exhibition.”


“Like the lyrics of “Mikrokosmos”, I pray that you will each shine beautifully in your own rooms in your own night. I believe. In all of us now. Sleep tight!” – Namjoon