BTS’s ‘Love Yourself’ Message Sparks Motivation For Future College Students

BTS has become an influential figure for everyone!

The Jeju Provincial Office of Education attached a banner to the office’s building to support the examinees for the 2020 College Entrance exams that will take place on November 14.


The office of education drew attention by using the phrase ‘Love Myself,’ which is a slogan used by BTS.

BTS is the first K-Pop artist to top the Billboard 200 Chart two times in a row. They have also performed at the Wembley Stadium as well as in the U.S., France, Netherlands, Japan, and other parts of the world, making them known as the Beatles of the 21st century.



The banner included 30 of the high school names in Jeju to support the students for the exam. The bottom of the banner reads, “You have to believe in yourself. We sincerely support the dreams of all the students in the 30 high schools that have prepared for the exam. Fighting!”



The banner utilizes stories and slogans that have been the source of strength for BTS in becoming one of the world’s top artists. The group overcame difficulties and hardships by relying on each other and loving themselves.



An office of education official commented, “There are only a few days left before the exam. I hope all the students will be healthy as they take on this challenge. I also hope that the citizens will give support to them so they can continue to trust and believe and love themselves.”


Good luck to all the students taking the exam!

Source: sisa magazine