BTS’s Subunits And Solos Revealed For “Map Of The Soul: 7” Album

Rap line subunits, vocal line solos, and much more!

BTS‘s new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 contains a total of 20 songs. On February 20, Big Hit Entertainment shared new details about the tracklist, via Headline Planet. Here are the subunits and solos to look forward to!

1. “UGH”

As fans predicted, “UGH” will be a rap track performed by RMJ-Hope, and Suga. According to Headline Planet, the rappers will “share their anger toward malicious anger” in the song.

2. “0:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

Vocal liners JiminVJin, and Jungkook will sing this “sincere” song together.

3. “Friends”

Jimin and V will be “showcasing their friendship” and their complimentary vocals in this song.

4. “Respect”

More rapper subunits? Yes, please! This song features RM and Suga.

5. “Filter”

This solo will reportedly show fans “different sides” of Jimin.

6. “My Time”

This Jungkook solo is sure to tug ARMY’s heartstrings. “My Time” chronicles Jungkook’s emotions from his trainee days until now.

7. “Inner Child”

Get ready for another tear-jerker! In this solo song, V sings to his past self when he was experiencing difficult times.

8. “Moon”

“Moon” is a solo song for fans. In it, Jin will sing about his love for ARMY.

Source: Headline Planet