BTS’s Suga Publicly Reveals The Ambition To Aim For A Grammy

Suga has his eyes set on the next goal for BTS.

Sugaknown for speaking things into existence, has publicly declared his ambitious goal of aiming for a Grammy award with BTS.

On the latest interview with KBS News 9, Suga and fellow BTS members shared their shock at the recent success of “Dynamite.” However, they are not staying complacent, and have their eyes set on even bigger goals.

The next goal is a Grammy award. Standalone concerts are possible following a Grammy nomination, so the plan is to eventually win the award following the featured show. It’s feasible to dream about this.

As someone who started from the very bottom, Suga knows a thing or two about dreaming big. The hype train for “Dynamite” is in full swing at the moment, and BTS hopes to ride the momentum to a Grammy nomination and an eventual win.