BTS’s Upcoming Song “Boy With Luv” Will Be Getting Radio Play Immediately In The U.S

You may want to keep your radio close, ARMYs.

Columbia Records is a subsidiary of Sony Music and are the company responsible for distributing BTS‘s music in the United States. The company has faced criticism from ARMYs in the past for a perceived lack of promotion of BTS.

The company are certainly taking steps to promote BTS’s upcoming album and it’s title track “Boy With Luv. American radio host JJ Ryan tweeted out an email sent to Pop Radio by Columbia Records.

The email which has “IMPACTING IMMEDIATELY” in the title suggests that radio shows should be playing the song immediately following its release.

This isn’t a sure thing as radio shows don’t have to follow promoter’s suggestions but many ARMYs think that because of the popularity of Halsey among Western listeners, the song is almost guaranteed to get widespread radio play.

So if you’re an American or European ARMY, you may want to stay tuned into your favourite radio music show to hear BTS.