BTS’s V Almost Had An Entirely Different Real Name AND Stage Name—Here’s What He Could’ve Been Called

He would be equally iconic by any name!

The legend we know as BTS‘s V could have had a totally different stage name and real name!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

In the last episode of In the SOOP 2, V joined Jungkook, Jin, and RM for breakfast. As Jungkook and Jin cooked, Jungkook mentioned that the name Jungkook wasn’t common for people around his age.

V said his real name, Taehyung, wasn’t common for people his age either. The members disagreed and told him that his name was actually very common. Jin asked, “Isn’t ‘Taehyung’ the most common name ever?”

V argued that Taehyung wasn’t common but Taeyoung was. RM, Jungkook, and Jin still didn’t agree with him, and they said Taehyung was common, too.

V still insisted that his name wasn’t common. Then, he revealed that he had almost been given an entirely different birth name. He said his name was originally going to be Kim Dowoo.

He explained that his father and grandfather had a hard time choosing between the names Dowoo and Taehyung.

RM found V’s story about his name hilarious, and he jokingly guessed what V’s stage name would’ve been if he had been named Dowoo. He said, “I bet if you were Kim Dowoo, your stage name would have been Dough.” 

RM pretended to be V introducing himself as Dough, and then he referenced one of BTS’s oldest inside jokes, V’s verse in the song “Jump.” At the beginning of his lines, V yells “V,” so RM yelled “Dough” before rapping V’s part in “Jump.”

V laughed at RM’s joke and continued his story. He said his dad and grandfather went back and forth between Dowoo and Taehyung for a bit, but his grandfather later insisted that V be named Taehyung.

While we’d love V no matter what his name is, we think his grandfather chose the name that fit him best!