Fan Thanks BTS’s V For Keeping And Wearing Birthday Gift Sent To Him 2 Years Ago

BTS’s V is a true sweetheart!

BTS’s V really shows how much he appreciates his fans gifts as he continues to use them regularly. A post on Twitter revealed a fellow ARMY thanking V for wearing the presents she gifted him almost two years ago. She also reveals a variety of other presents she has gifted V previously.



ARMYs gave her support for being a great fan and praised V for his sweet and caring heart. It was revealed that the fan sent these gifts to the company in December 2017 for V’s birthday.





The coat in particular, was bought from a Hermes store in Korea and only had three sets available in Korea at the time. The estimated price for the coat was around $11,000 USD.



Fans are touched at the fact that he kept the coat and wore it out in public.



This isn’t the first time he’s received amazing gifts from fans. He has received luxury watches, cameras, birthday ads, Gucci merchandise among amongst others, for past birthdays.


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